Second Chance

(a silly poem by Don Stoner)

I walk this day, A comfy way
And sit me by a stream
My lunch so sweet, I greedily eat
And then I go a dream

Unsure at best, How when I'm rest
It seems to drift so deep
But unawares, I float upstairs
To where methinks is sleep

Time passed wound, Then curls around
And wraps me in it's trance
Binds in my brain, Bright sparks of rain
Which in my head, do dance

Then darkish clouds, Close like black shrouds
And bring their creeping fears
The sounds around me now surround
(Which in the light are least)
While here I hide, Myself Inside
Quite safe from fearsome beast
The world retreats, From round my feet
And then she disappears

The ground she drops far off below
And clouds of down come up from snow
And blue sky darkens lavender
And purple melts to red
Which glows a chasm dark beneath
Where all who live are dead
Their wailing makes an echo
Which goes ringing in my head

My nerves go numb, I scream, I run
But all the bars are set
Then world about, Goes inside out
And in my stream, ... I'm wet.